발의안 15번 반대측의 태양열 주장, 거짓으로 드러나

발의안 15번이 태양열 프로젝트에 세금을 매겨 전기세를 올리게 될 것이라는 반대측의 주장은 거짓으로 들어났다. – PolitiFact

Opponents of Proposition 15 claimed it would “impose massive property tax increases” on solar in California if voters approve it in November.

The solar industry and independent tax experts say that’s wrong.

That’s because a new state law protects commercial solar projects from property tax increases through 2024 should the measure win.

Residential solar is already exempt.

While the solar industry and tax experts believe the state law is legally sound, the California Assessors’ Association disagrees.

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